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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is possible, you can change the type of gem. Place your desired stone on the model. You can even get your hands on their design and order it in a different way. You can order all our products with Swarovski and Zirconia gems.

Yes, by clicking on the image of each product in the gallery, you can view and check its specifications, including the type and color of the metal, carat, gemstone specifications (if any) and other special specifications.

Swarovski (correct pronunciation of Swarovski – from now on we also use this form of the brand name) is an Austrian brand that produces beautiful crystals similar to diamonds, which was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. The logo and logo of this brand is a swan bird.
Swarovski is one of the famous and famous brands in the jewelry world

Zirconia gemstones are similar to diamonds with the same brilliance and crystal clarity, but unlike diamonds, they are man-made. It has less hardness and resistance than diamond, zirconia gem is one of the most popular among artificial crystals because it is very similar to diamond and is also known as cubic zirconia. Its color type is also found in the market.

The rarer the gems are, the more beautiful their cut and especially the higher the purity, the higher the price of the gem.

Sending the products, if you live in Shiraz, you can receive it in person or via courier, otherwise you can receive it via post and tipax.

Yes, if you have a desired design, send it to us via WhatsApp and our team will check it and send you the final price.

Install the Ring Sizer application on your mobile phone from the bottom of the site and place one of your rings on the screen of your phone and calculate its size and send it to us.